Mold Building

We have experience building many types of molds. We specialize in the following:

  • Injection Molds
  • Tooling for Composite Materials

Injection Molds:

Dramco is a full-service design/build mold manufacturer, specializing in complex Multi-Shot injection molds for the Automotive and Consumer industries. We have the capabilities to build molds to fit in presses up to 1000 Ton capacity. Our specialty is making parting lines that match and hold up for high production runs. We also work with our customers during part design to produce a mold that is durable and cost effective.

Tooling for Composite Materials:

We have been designing and building Compression Molds for BMC and SMC type materials for decades. We also have extensive experience in Layup Molds, both aluminum and Invar, and RTM Molds. We have special emphasis on multi-piece mandrels. We understand the unique issues of CTE’s impact on tool design and processing. We can support your entire manufacturing process including Bond Fixtures, Drill and Trim fixtures, Tooling Carts, “Out of the Autoclave” tooling, and Machine Fixtures. Our wide range of experience brings a fresh approach to your manufacturing needs. We can work with your design or assist you with a complete Design/Build process.